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Runescape Thieving Skill Guide

How not to get caught

Thieving lvls 1-99 best way to get there
How thieving helps other skills
Chest locations
Pick people
Types of thieves
How not to get caught

Steal 4 life and never get caught

Stalls:Stalls are not to hard not to get caught u need to look around a bit before u steal make sure there are no guards dat are near or are looking at you beacause they will attack you and they are very annyoing.If u can steal from the stall on the side,or the back of it u have a less chance of being casught bye a pally,guards or khignt.
Chest:No way realy to get caught unless u dont diasable the trap.
Pickpocketing:You need to pace urself when u do this dont clikc pickpoket like crazy.And if u hit pickpocket twice u have a 89% chance of being caught.
Hope this helps u

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