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Runescape Thieving Skill Guide
Thieving lvls 1-99 best way to get there
Thieving lvls 1-99 best way to get there
How thieving helps other skills
Chest locations
Pick people
Types of thieves
How not to get caught

Works fast and smooth

Lvl 1 - 5. Route A - Getting Started:
To get started in Thieving you need to thieve Man (Lvl 3) or Woman only, which will give 8 experience with each pick and 3 coins. The best thing to do is to thieve until Lvl 5. Best location - Man in the middle of Falador. Edgeville has a house with several men inside.

Lvl 5 - 25. Route A - Baker's Stall:
Once you hit Level 5 Thieving its time to ditch Men and head to Ardougne. Cakes give 16 XP (Experience) and a cake of course, can be eaten. Cakes are pretty much an easy food source, and once you get to lvl 25 Thieving, you'll have a lot of Cakes to live off of (as well as Meat Pies, Chocolate cake slice and Bread).

How this stall (and the others) work is you must hide to the side where the Stall owner and the Guards can't see you easily. Then quickly steal a cake before it's too late. Do this till Lvl 25 Thieving or take Route B...

Lvl 10 - 25. Route B - Farmers:
After picking Men till you are lvl 10, it's time to pickpocket Farmers. They are located all over RS near fields and animals. One place to go is Ardougne. Head north toward the Fishing Competition and once in Hemenster, there should be some small buildings located along the road. One of the buildings has an upstairs. When you get there, you'll find two Farmers (Lvl 15 ) and a bed. Farmers might be harder and it will be slower to achieve lvl 25 than thieving cakes. Farmers give 14.5 XP and 9 Coins a pick (cakes are 16xp) and you must be lvl 10 Thieving to pick 'em. Best location - Fishing Competion Building Upstairs.

Lvl 25 - 40. Route A - Warriors:
Warriors come in two versions: male (in Al-Kharid) and female (Ardougne).

The best path to take, if you're higher than lvl 40 Combat, would be the females, which can be found in and around Ardougne Market. If you're low lvl combat, then I'd suggest thieving the male versions in Al-Kharid. Both will give you 26 XP per pick and 18 coins each time. Do this until you are Lvl 40 Thieving, then its time to head to a very important point in Thieving.

The males are in Al-Kharid's palace and the bank isn't too far away. You can get a few in a room and close the door (that way they won't walk too far away).

Lvl 40 - 65/70. Route A - Guards:
Guards are very important to becoming a Lvl 70 Thief. You may not think so but I recommend you Thieve until lvl 70 on Guards only. Why? Because after a while it'll get easier and easier to thieve Guards. Guards give 30 coins and 46.5 XP a pick. After a while of Thieving 30 Coins a pick will become rewarding and you will make over 300 - 400K off Guards until you reach Lvl 70.

The best place to Thieve Guards would be either Falador Exits or outside Varrock Castle. It'd be wise to thieve Guards outside Varrock Castle in the early mornings as it's rare to see a soul walk past.

Lvl 65 - 70. Route B - Yanille Watchman:
When you hit Lvl 65 Thieving and you have 42 agility, then it's recommended to Thieve Yanille Watchman until Lvl 70 Thieving. To find the Watchmen you must head to the tower post at the northern wall of Yanille to the west. When you're Lvl 42 Agility, climb up the handholds (unless you've completed the Watchtower quest). Yanille Watchman give an impressive 138 XP per pick, 60 Coins and a loaf of Bread (you can still thieve them with a full pack; the Bread will fall to the ground). The xp will also help you gain levels more quickly than on guards alone.

Lvl 70 - Beyond. Route A/B - Paladins/ Paladin Chest:
A: Your best bet for Lvl 99 Thieving is Paladins, a very profitable and easy-earning XP opponent. Head to the castle in Ardougne. You can either thieve them on the Castle grounds or head upstairs to the Paladin Tower. Once upstairs, use your Lockpick to open the door; inside will be over 5 Paladins (Lvl 53 ). These guys give a impressive 151.75 XP per swipe, 80 Coins and 2 Chaos runes.

It's recommended you use your weapon and Plate on these guys, even if you're Lvl 70 to 78 or so on. Bring lots of food with you (preferably Swordfish as the 3 or 4 hit points damage every time you are caught adds up quickly).

B: Once you reach Lvl 72 Thieving, thieve from the chest that is in the same tower as the Paladins. You will be magically transported out of Ardougne to the East, just outside of the wall. You will take with you however, 500 XP, an Uncut Sapphire, 1000 gold coins, an Adamantite ore, and an Raw shark.

The Rogues Den

The Rogues Den has a lot of usefulness for a good thief.
Please take note that to enter the maze inside, you need 50 Agility as well as 50 Thieving (If you are level 80 Thieving, you can take a few shortcuts in the maze). If you wish to crack the Wall Safes outside the Maze, then you only need the 50 Thieving.

The entrance is found in Burthorpe's bar/inn, through a trapdoor behind the counter:
Happy stealing

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