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Runescape Thieving Skill Guide
How thieving helps other skills
Thieving lvls 1-99 best way to get there
How thieving helps other skills
Chest locations
Pick people
Types of thieves
How not to get caught

Now u still think theving is worthless?

How will Thieving help your skills?
Well, below is a guide that includes most skills and what Thieving might do for them.

Nothing is more affected by Thieving than Magic; once you really get going on Thieving you'll be able to get really good Runes, and high amounts of them. Please see The Profits for more information.

Training - All:
Fighting training is affected by a lot by Thieving - more than you would think. To decrease the amount of damage you receive from being stunned, some are inspired to increase their defense levels. Also, to help protect themselves from people watching the stalls (and Random Events), many increase each of their combat levels.

Smithing - Lvl 50, 72:
To help your Smithing from Thieving, get level 50 and steal Silver ore from the Silver Stall in Ardougne. You can smith these into bars. At lvl 72 Thieving, head to the Paladin Tower and thieve the chest to receive Adamantite ore.

Crafting - Lvl 50, 72, 75, 80:
Once you hit Lvl 50 Thieving you can head to Ardougne and thieve the Silver Stall for Silver ore. Getting into the 70's of Thieving has a very big reward for crafting gem-related items. At Lvl 72 you can thieve the chest in the Paladin Tower and receive an Uncut Sapphire gem. When you Hit Lvl 75, you can get the most from thieving relating to Crafting: in Ardougne you can thieve from the Gem Stall. There, you will receive any uncut gem (but not a Dragonstone). You'll usually receive a Sapphire, but sometimes you'll get an Emerald. A Ruby is uncommon and a Diamond is rare. Another way to get Diamonds would be when you become Lvl 80 Thieving. You can thieve Heroes, which are located in Ardougne. You'll get a Diamond at times. Gnomes, when you're lvl 75, can sometimes give Gold ore and at other times, a Fire orb.

Herblore - Lvl 46:
Once you hit lvl 46, head to the Chaos Druid tower in Ardougne. Bring your Lockpick and enter the tower. On the first floor you'll be able to beat up on some Chaos Druids and get a lot of herbs for Herblore; a tough skill to level up. This is a very popular place though, so try different hours.

Cooking - Lvl 65, 72, 75:
Thieving doesn't give a lot to Cooking until you are at the higher lvls. When you hit Lvl 65 Thieving you can thieve from the Spice Stall. You can use this to make Curry. Then, at lvl 72, when thieving the chest in Ardougne's castle, you'll receive an uncooked Shark. You could either cook it if you're Lvl 80 Cooking, have someone else cook them, or save them to cook yourself. Gnomes, when you're lvl 75, can give Kingworms and Swamp toads, used for gnome cooking recipes.

Fletching - Lvl 47:
Not much to Fletching from Thieving except a small room in Hemenster will give you 5 Steel arrowheads and 20gp. It takes a few minutes to recharge

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