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Runescape Thieving Skill Guide
Types of thieves
Thieving lvls 1-99 best way to get there
How thieving helps other skills
Chest locations
Pick people
Types of thieves
How not to get caught

Be good more people will respect you.

The Bad Thief:
Nothing is more annoying than a thief thieving the character you are stealing from. So a Thief (or player) has stolen your area and killed the character(s) you were busy practicing on? You're a Thief and you don't have to put up with it! This is where the skill Ranging and your weapon comes in. One of the best ways to run off an annoying player is to get a high range level (45+) and Range the crap out of him/her. Or you can use your strength and kill off their enemies. This may seem mean but they never read the strategy of the good thief.

However, since you only get stunned when you are caught now, stealing from the same person isn't a problem anymore. It's just considered good manners to keep with your own man if possible. The only thing you need to look out for are other players coming to your thieving area and killing off all the characters.

The Good Thief:
Use good manners. Nothing is wrong with being polite.

Thieve only the characters you get to first; don't be rude and go after another player's character. It's an online game and you need to try to stay polite and work on the men without getting frustrated and then killing them off. If this is done to you though, read above you mad man! ^_^

It's much easier and more rewarding to be a good thief. Others become more willing to take turns at chests and stalls when you are polite.

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